Shipping& Return Policy

Shipping policy:

We are a professional online studio, and have a professional printing factory in China, so every package will be international shipping.

We provide 2 kinds of international transportation services:

1. Free shipping, 2-4weeks, depending on the customs clearance efficiency of each country, we cannot control the specific time of transportation.

2. We provide additional fast shipping service, the time is less than 15 days, but additional fees are required. The specifics are subject to each order, and you need to contact customer service.


Return Policy:

We do not provide any return or exchange service, because each product is customized and printed according to different sizes, not universal.

Cancel order:

Because it is a customized product, once we accept the order, we give the customer 2 hours to consider whether to cancel it. For each order, we need to spend time and effort on data, size and pattern modification, etc. We do not accept any order cancellation after more than 2 hours. Please understand customized products!