Anime ITASHA My Hero Academia Car Wrap Door Side Stickers Decal Fit With Any Cars Vinyl graphics car accessories car stickers Car Decal

Anime ITASHA My Hero Academia Car Wrap Door Side Stickers Decal Fit With Any Cars Vinyl graphics car accessories car stickers Car Decal

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★Full-color Car Decal Wrap.


(contact after place order, Provide car information, we will show the rendering and confirm before printing.)

The graphics will fit all year Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Vans with no issues!


★Sun protection

We customize and produce according to the size of your car. So we can't start production without information about the model of your car. Please make comment in the order or send us a message with the car model and production year.

We use high-quality vinyl with long time durability
Stickers are laminated for image protection
We use only vector images for printing and professional equipment for the production
This decal can be applied to any clean and smooth surface


★Material introduction:

Outdoor special PVC

  1. Regular PVC film: 

Advantages: Inexpensive, suitable for customers with lower budget, bright surface.

Disadvantages: regular thickness (thin), low stretchability, relative to the 2-year non-fading feature of Non-Fading PVC Film, its fading cycle will start to appear after a few months, but it will not suddenly fade seriously, only Start slowly and have little impact on long-distance appreciation.

Suitable for the crowd: Low budget and short replacement cycle.

  1. Non-fading PVC Film BETTER

The most popular vinyl PVC film, thickened and highly stretchable, with an air guide groove at the bottom to prevent bubbles in later use. Lay a layer of bright film on the surface to improve the brightness.

The advantages of the material are: 2 years with Epson auto film special ink, will not fade, high brightness, and stretchable.

Disadvantages: Because the bottom film is white, it cannot be used for partial gradient design printing (because there will be a white background, except for the white car, I think the difference will be obvious), and in some non-full coverage wrap, after cutting the excess part, there are With a slight white edge but does not affect the viewing.

Suitable: People who like high-gloss film, need to pack a lot of radian cars, very suitable for participating in auto shows.


Ultra-transparent UV film:

The advantage is that because the whole is a super transparent base film, it can spray all kinds of small patterns without white edges, and this material will not fade for at least 3 years.

Disadvantages: The film is thin and cannot be stretched. The surface is similar to frosted, not as bright as the PVC film. (This is aimed at different groups of people, and many customers still think the surface is bright and like it very much)

Suitable for: Partial gradient designs, various complex and individual small designs. (Because the base film is super-transparent, it can be used to print partial gradient designs without worrying about the white background and white edges; in some small designs, it can be completely printed on the super-transparent base film without worrying about falling off)


Our handling time is within a week because we made by order.
We ship all packages with tracking numbers.
Decals are packed in rigid cylinders or cardboard, so you will get the product in a safe.